In the great state of Oklahoma, and pretty much throughout the entire region, Tesla vehicles have somehow become the topic of politics. Instead of seeing a vehicle, people tend to see a threat to the way of life they've been living. I get it. I'm diversified in oil and gas. Hell, I've got a Conoco logo tattooed on my leg, but that doesn't mean I have to see electric vehicles as an existential threat to America.

I can already hear the arguments... "But what produces the energy that charges the car?" Power plants. And in the state of Oklahoma, it's overwhelmingly coke fired power. But imagine a day when the Fudds looking to hold back wind and solar die off and get out of the way, then we might be able to say the majority of power comes from (insert a renewable energy here). It's not that I'm some sort of tree-hugging global-warming alarmist hinging my hopes on someone making a breakthrough... I'm just a dude looking forward to cheaper energy. Because whether you admit it or not, the point of renewable energy and Tesla vehicles isn't saving the planet, it's making money.

So what would a traditional motorhead like Jay Leno have to say about the newest in the Telsa lineup, the Cybertruck? Not shockingly at all, he says it's like a bigger version of any other Tesla vehicle. Besides the stupid steering anti-wheel thing, it's a slick looking vehicle. Ugly? Absolutely, but so ugly it's attractive. I admit, I reserved my own Cybertruck the week after it debuted. It was a cool hundred bucks, 100% refundable, and it got me in line for early delivery just in case I decided to pull the trigger on it. Odds are I won't, but it's not due to politics or the rumored "lack of infrastructure" of EV's. Oklahoma has a ton of Electric Vehicle Superchargers scattered throughout the state, even here in Lawton. It's shocking given how oil and gas friendly we are here.

Time will tell if Elon Musk decides to build the next Tesla factory in our state, they're looking at Tulsa... but they're also looking at Austin, and let's be honest... Nobody is moving from Austin to Tulsa because they want to. Tulsa is a dirty little big town. Even though I don't think it can compete with Austin, I sure hope it lands the gig.

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