The Dallas Cowboys’ 2020 season has been one of the most forgettable in the history of the franchise.

As a lifelong fan, I have to think back to the Dave Campo years to remember such a helpless feeling. Not that I think it’s all Mike McCarthy’s fault. He’s been dealt a pretty bad hand this year with all of the injuries and not to mention the fact that he’s never had a proper training camp in which to implement his system.

But with that being said, he’s made some highly questionable calls this year. It’s almost as if he’s more concerned with moving the team away from the overly-conservative style of his predecessor, Jason Garrett. I’m not a big fan of coaches gambling, but it’s admittedly nice when they gamble and win. The problem is, Mike McCarthy’s gambles haven’t paid off.

After the ho-hum performance of the Cowboys during their loss to the Baltimore Ravens last night, one can’t help but wonder if Jerry Jones wishes he had a do-over when it comes to the hiring of the coaching staff.

Having followed Jerry all these years, it’s hard for me to imagine him firing McCarthy after one season, especially one as strange as this one. Bleacher Report NFL insider Matt Miller reports that Jerry is leaning toward bringing him back:

Jerry Jones doesn't seem poised to fire first-year head coach Mike McCarthy and have to pay out his contract, but we can't entirely rule out the possibility. The Cowboys sitting at 3-8 has to be one of the biggest surprises of the season, and if Jones gets upset down the stretch, we could see movement here.

The smart money is on Jones and McCarthy writing off this year to injuries and moving forward with a roster that's still strong. With quarterback Dak Prescott likely returning with a new contract or another year under the franchise tag, plus the No. 4 overall pick, this could be a quick turnaround.

While my money is on Jerry sticking with McCarthy after this season, there will likely be a scapegoat or two on the Cowboys’ coaching staff after all is said and done. It’s also likely that McCarthy will be on a very short leash in the future.

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