More football is always a good thing in my book.

Looks like girls want to play football. Seriously, in a poll done by the Fort Worth ISD a top three choice among female students in sports they want to play is football. How come women's football doesn't exist right now? The simple answer is funding. Well good news, billionaire Jerry Jones is opening up his pocket book to help out.


“Girls playing sports has advanced so much from when I was growing up,” Jones said. “The real expense in something like this is really the field and field-time usage. In terms of playing the game itself, it’s not as much and it doesn’t take much. This would be a flag football team for the girls and the plan is to get 15 teams across the Fort Worth ISD schools.

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Now we just have to get the the teams ready. The Dallas Cowboys will be hosting a “Girls Flag Football Jamboree” tomorrow (Feb. 5) from 9am to 2pm at AT&T Stadium. The goal to educate interested players on the game, complete with drills, terminology, techniques, and a scrimmage.


Hopefully they get enough girls to sign up and form all the teams necessary for a full season. Former Dallas Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware is expected to attend tomorrow's event. He has two daughters who grew up playing flag football and he hopes this becomes a varsity sport throughout the state.


Now the question is, do you think the WFISD should have girls varsity football teams? I vote yes, but do we have enough girls that would want to play? Maybe something to talk about and maybe we can get Jerry Jones to send some money our way as well.

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