Even after a few years of Joe Rogan calling out Bernie Sanders perceived hippocracy, Bernie decided to give it a go on Joe's podcast. And I'll admit, while I don't agree with some of the things Sanders says and legislates, he's the interesting type of guy I'd probably sit down and have a beer with if given the opportunity.

Now the idea of sitting in on a podcast isn't original, but it is still outside of the normal campaign trends. I think Obama was the last candidate to include social media specifically as a campaign aid. He even did a Reddit AskMeAnything long before people knew what that was. Sure, Trump played up as much exposure as he could, but most avenues to the masses were more interested in tearing the man apart. Bernie is a conundrum. He quit the Democratic Party when they got busted literally black-balling him, but now he's back trying to win that nomination, but still as an independent. It's a weird bit of history we're living through.

Joe and Bernie talk about all sorts of subjects. Health care. Guns. Even aliens there towards the end... and I'll give Bernie credit. When confronted with some complex heavy issues, he wasn't Johnny-On-The-Spot with some swishy political answer, he was straight up with his 'I don't know's. I will say, I do believe Bernie when he says he'd tell the whole world about aliens if he discovered they were hiding them away.

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