Throughout the history of the United States, there are several political stories that are so wild, they even rival those orchestrated by the famed Florida-Man.

  • Our nation's third Vice President shot and killed our first Secretary of the Treasury in a duel.
  • President Theodore Roosevelt delivered an 84-minute speech on the campaign trail after being shot in the chest. He lived with the bullet in him until death seven years later.
  • Eugene Debs ran his presidential campaign from federal prison and earned over 1million votes in 1920.
  • Ronald Reagan kept the Soviet Union at bay with a science-fiction-esque air defense program he called Star Wars.

There are literally hundreds of weird and wild political stories out there, but this one is crazy. During the 2014 Oklahoma Congressional election, one candidate was accused of being a robot automaton in disguise.

The Setup:

Timothy R. Murray, Human,

Meet Timothy Ray Murray. He decided to run for Congress during the 2014 election cycle. In his bid for Oklahoma's 3rd district in the House of Representatives failed, he threw a hail mary by telling everyone that his opponent was dead and the 'thing' they were voting for was a robot.

This was posted on his official website and he wasn't afraid to talk about it in the press.

His proof? Well, federal officials did the same thing in Kentucky, only they used his DNA for some odd reason. He actually sued over this whole fiasco.
Representative Frank Lucas, R-OK,

Meet Frank Lucas... Timothy Ray Murray's incumbent opponent.

According to the annuls of the internet, his opponent Frank Lucas was tried and executed by the World Court on January 11, 2011, in Southern Ukraine.

It was televised and broadcast to the world as he allegedly was hung by the neck until his feet quit squirming. Then the powers that be created a look-alike artificially intelligent robot/cyborg to take his place.

Timothy pled that Lucas was ineligible to run for office in 2014 because he was no longer a human.


Lucas won the Republican primary that year with 83% of the vote and later won his congressional election with 79% of the vote. He's been a career politician for almost all of his adult life.

Timothy Ray Murray has done little since. In fact, the internet is so clean of anything related to Tim beyond this crazy robot story, you'd think he didn't even exist. As everything runs in cycles, especially as the military-industrial complex develops Skynet, it's only a matter of time before this patriot stands up to take on the AI cyborgs again.

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