We at Loudwire our big fans of Murp. Made up of vocalist Aaralyn and drummer Izzy, Murp captured the attention of millions by performing on 'America's Got Talent' last year, garnering millions of YouTube views in the process. And while they didn't end up winning, there's no stopping metal's favorite kid band, as Aaralyn and Izzy have just unveiled a winter rendition of the Sepultura classic 'Roots Bloody Roots.'

During the first audition round of 'America's Got Talent,' Aaralyn and Izzy became fan favorites after performing the original track 'Zombie Skin' to a baffled crowd. The duo's performance became the most-watched audition video of the season and eventually the second most popular AGT video of all time, currently boasting nearly 21 million views on the show's official YouTube channel.

Aaralyn's unreal gutturals, along with the band's lovable tunes, have given Murp a respectable following, and we're sure this Sepultura re-imagining will keep that buzz going. Inspired by the horrid winter weather we're currently experiencing, Murp turned 'Roots Bloody Roots' into 'Boots Snowy Boots.'

The young Aaralyn seems shy at first in the video, but quickly starts tearing it up with infectious energy before delivering one of her most brutal performances to date. In fact, she puts most metal vocalists to shame, refusing to cup the mic while projecting an unbelievable amount of power. And remember, Aaralyn has just barely started grade school.

Do yourself a favor and check out 'Boots Snowy Boots' by Murp in the video above.

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