The official Kiss fan club is known as the Kiss Army, but when the band’s most loyal supporters set sail with the band, do they become the Kiss Navy?

Perhaps that question will be answered on Oct. 13. That’s when the first-ever Kiss Kruise — featuring two performances by the group, social activities with select members and more — departs from Miami and heads to the Bahamas and back.

Bassist/singer Gene Simmons says the experience will provide both the band and Kiss fans with the opportunity “to have a ball.”

“Kiss has always been about breaking the rules,” Simmons tells “We’ve never liked that moat — the stage — separating the band from the fans. So whenever we do a show, we try to take the action right to your face. A cruise will let the fans get up close. We try to take it inside you, we want you to smell it and taste it and feel it.”

Kiss Kruise highlights will include an all-out concert “in full war paint,” adds Simmons, plus an acoustic show during which fans can submit song requests. Drummer Eric Singer will be the host of blackjack and slot tournaments in the ship’s casino, and guitarist Tommy Thayer will join three randomly selected Kiss Kruisers for a round of miniature golf

There will be other mingling opportunities: Kiss will have its own deck on the ship, where fans will be able to visit by invitation. Every person on the cruise will get a photo op with the full band.

During this self-proclaimed “Wet, Wild & Rockin’” boat trip, Kiss also will be recording its new studio album, which will be titled ‘Monster’ and produced by guitarist/singer Paul Stanley.

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