What the hell is wrong with some people?

Over in Las Colinas, Texas, Clayton Gardener was performing at Texican Court this past Friday. During this Coronavirus craziness, it was a small group of people in attendance. Since some people still don't want to go out, Clayton was live streaming the concert on his Facebook page. Barely fifteen minutes into his set, a woman comes onto the stage with him and just starts awkwardly standing there.

Now, let's stop here. Let's just say Coronavirus isn't happening and everything was just like last summer. What this woman did, is wrong then and it's wrong now. She has no right to be on that stage and someone should have gotten this woman off the stage. So I guess she got on the stage to request a song? It appears as if she says, 'Play some Lee Ann Womack?' It's kinda hard to hear since she is off mic, but don't worry she gets closer.

Clayton then tells her that she could have done that off the stage. She then says something else I can't make out and Clayton says for real, get off the stage. This woman who appears as if she had liquid encouragement, decides to then get even closer to Clayton. He then says, 'Could you please get away from me'. She then grabs his bandanna and whispers 'OK' to him. Clayton says, she coughed on him.

Clayton then asks for someone to come get this woman and she appears shocked. Like what she is doing is somehow acceptable. The interaction goes on awkwardly for another fifteen seconds. She clearly doesn't get the hint that she isn't wanted on the stage. She then leaves and the show goes on.

Clayton, like many musicians, has been greatly affected by what's going on in the world. Not a lot of paying gigs the past couple of months. Friday night, he had the opportunity to make some money, with a social distance concert and this lady had to ruin it. Coronavirus or not, what this woman did was wrong. I hope she sees this and is embarrassed about her actions.

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