Looks like the east side in Lawton will be getting a brand new Dollar General store. Construction is underway and it won't be long now before the new store is open. It's located on N.E. Rogers Lane between the Hop & Sack, Alon Gas station and Pioneer Park Elementary School. This will be a great addition to the east side, especially for those living in the Pioneer Park neighborhood. It'll be super convenient having it so close by.

It's exciting, there's really not a lot of businesses on the east side of town so whenever something does move in and opens up it's great news. It'll be nice having another Dollar General in town and one so close to Pioneer Park. I've lived on the east side of Lawton for most of my life, I love it out here. The only complaint I have is not having a lot of options when it comes to food, shopping and groceries. But it's starting to change.

Over the past couple of years we've seen more and more businesses open up on the east side. Having the casinos in our backyard is nice too and gives us additional restaurant options, both have great food. From burgers, Philly cheese steaks to fine dinning and everything in between. And of course all the gaming and entertainment.

I'm happy that we have some new business moving into the area. For the past several weeks we've been dealt some really bad news with Dillard's closing in the Central Mall. Then there was the news of JCPenney's problems and recently Tuesday Morning closing down stores due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hopefully we'll be able to keep both JCPenneys and Tuesday Morning. Neither have announced what stores will be closing, fingers crossed that it isn't Lawton. No word yet as to when the new Dollar General will open, we'll keep you posted.

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