Welcome to Hero's Hall! There are all kinds of heroes. Some defined by their profession and others defined by their actions. We want to recognize them all and spread the word about their good works in the hopes that it will inspire others and make heroes of us all. Lets thank, recognize and celebrate all of our local hometown heroes!

Not all heroes wear capes. Again and again tales of heroic deeds are being told by those who have been helped. These heroes are anything but everyday or ordinary. We are talking about our front line healthcare workers, doctors, nurses and all medical staff. Really anyone who works in the health care profession from the hospital president to the janitor. All of our EMTs, police, firefighters and sheriff's department. All essential workers who are putting themselves at risk so we can get gas, groceries or a hot meal.

Lawton Hometown Heroes- Virtual Hero's Hall

If you've been helped by someone, or have a person who's been a hero to you during this crisis let us know about it. Tell us who they are and what heroic acts they performed. It can be as simple as a friend or neighbor who's been there for you. A doctor or nurse caring for you or a family member. Maybe a clerk or attendant that lent a hand when needed or helped you with an order. If you've had an emergency that included police, fire or rescue. Nothing is too big or too small. If it made an impact they are a hero. If you haven't submitted yet, or have another hero in mind click the button below to include them in the Hero's Hall.

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