A few days ago, it was either a sitting city councilor or someone running for the position that asked online "What do you think Lawton needs?" or something along those lines. After giving it some thought over the last few days, I think Lawton needs a safe place where squids can freely stunt their crotch-rockets and super-moto's all they want without the chief revenue collectors getting in their wallets.

Let me set the stage for you a little bit. If you haven't noticed, the pandemic set off a motorcycle and outdoor powersports renaissance in 2020. A motorcycle industry of dirt bikes, sport bikes, and everything in between that was on its last legs suddenly saw an influx of people looking to have some fast, socially distant fun. Warehouses full of unpurchased models all across the nation were cleared out. By March 2021, it was a challenge to walk into any motorcycle shop in the nation to find any sort of full inventory. It's still that way now. What most shops get in this morning walks out the door this afternoon. After twenty years of lethargy in the outdoor motorsports sector, tracks have closed and traffic code has tightened. I see an opportunity for Lawton to make a national stage for something actually good in this.

Why do we need a place like that? Because there isn't a place like that anywhere near Lawton. I don't even think there's an outlet for this kind of thing anywhere in our region. People see crotch-rockets, they still instantly think they're a bunch of punks. It's like Footloose and bikers just want to dance! Plus, I think it would attract more than just the biker boys. I don't know a single kid that doesn't love watching someone do wheelies. Just look at the stunt show attendance from when Lawton Motorsports had their grand opening at their new location. The first show that day was standing room only and people stuck around, filtering in and out to catch it all day.

So where do we put it?

Well, I've thought about this a lot. In a perfect world, there would be a standalone parking lot with a designated "Bikes Only" area for doing that sweet hooligan stuff... and the city did acquire one of the largest and least used parking lots in town a few months ago... Pick a corner of the Central Mall lot and make it a wheelie-popping dream. With such a growing population of super-moto and sportbike motorcyclists in Lawton, the surrounding area, and especially those from Fort Sill, it'd be a natural fit. Plus, maybe the city council could save a little face for making that $14+million purchase against and overwhelming cry of "No" from the populace here in town.

Naturally, the first thing those old lame-*** Boomers in city hall will say is something along the lines of "The liability insurance would be too great to accommodate such a venue..." but if the city knows anything about anything, it's how to craft a bulletproof waiver for anyone wanting to participate.

It's just a thought and my own opinion. I'm not a hooligan riding squid myself, I just see the packs of sportbikes sporting around town, hanging out in defunct parking lots and I can't help but think they should have a safe space to legally have a little fun on.

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