The last day of school is on the horizon and Summer vacation is just about here! Some schools have already let out for the Summer, but for Lawton Public Schools the last official day will be next week on Thursday, May 20th (05-20-21). I know the kids are excited and unlike last year we have a lot to look forward to and all kinds of fun Summer time activities we can finally get back to.

The pandemic pretty much destroyed last Summer, but things are looking up for this year. Oklahoma's COVID-19 numbers continue to improve and as more and more people get vaccinated against the virus we're seeing things start to open back up and get back to normal. It's about time and I know everyone is beyond ready to return to their favorite things to do.

The City of Lawton just announced that they plan on re-opening all the splash pads and wading pools over the next couple of weeks. Lawton has 2 splash pads and 3 wading pools, along with a public pool. The first to open will be the splash pads, those open back up on Saturday, May 21st (05-22-21).

The wading pools will reopen on Tuesday, May 25th (05-25-21) same for the Lawton Public pool. With the last day of school fast approaching it's perfect timing. Local kids are more than ready to cool off, have some fun and actually have a Summer this year. Get all the details and locations of Lawton's splash pads, wading pools and public pool. See the official press release from the City of Lawton below:


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