The old Super 9 Motel at 1201 N.W. Cache Road in Lawton, Fort Sill has been torn down. If you've been near the corner of Cache Road and 12th Street you've probably seen all the demolition that's taking place.

It didn't take long for demo crews to bring the old motel down, all that remains is a pile of rubble. That too will be gone quickly as they're picking it all up and hauling it off. There's a lot of demos happening in Lawton.

Piles of rubble are all that remain of the old Super 9 Motel on Cache Road in Lawton, OK.

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TSM Lawton: Critter

Not too sure when they started working on the project and knocking the old Super 9 Motel down but it's completely demoed now. It's been empty for years now and all attempts to remodel and reopen failed.

Eventually, the decision was made to go ahead and tear it down to make room for something else. Plus after all these years of sitting abandoned the building was deteriorating, became a danger, and was condemned.

A look back...Once upon a time, the Super 9 Motel on Cache Road was a nice place

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I'm trying to remember the last time the Super 9 Motel was open, it's been empty for so long. It's unfortunate that it fell into disrepair and was abandoned. So what are they making room for? What's going in there?

So far I haven't heard of anything that's going in there, yet. Not too sure if the owners of the property tore it down, or if the city of Lawton stepped in and demoed it. Either way, there's about to be an empty lot available.

Say your final farewells to the old Super 9 Motel in Lawton, OK. it's just about gone

TSM Lawton: Critter
TSM Lawton: Critter

Hopefully, we'll hear something soon about the lot being purchased and a new business opening up in the location, we'll keep you posted! Maybe, just maybe we'll get a new store, restaurant, or something we don't already have. *Fingers crossed* that it's not another car wash, dispensary, fast food place, or nail salon!

Another demolition project happening right now in Lawton, Fort Sill is the old Wolverton Furniture, it too is being knocked down. It's on the corner of Sheridan Road and Erwin Lane. It's out with the old, in with the new!

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