The only good thing to come out of this quarantine, we all had an excuse to binge 'The Tiger King'.

If you haven't watched 'The Tiger King' on Netflix yet. Stop what you're doing and go watch that show. It's a roller coaster ride of crazy. I truly believe the woman that was a part of this show, Carol Baskins, believes she is not the crazy one out of this bunch they filmed. Believe me, they're all freaking insane. Some have different levels of insanity, but everyone they filmed is nuts.

After watching the show, many people believed Carol killed her husband and fed him to the tigers. Her husband mysteriously disappeared and decades later we don't know exactly what happened. The 'Tiger King' memes have been making my day every time I see one. Looks like up in Lawton, they have a nice one on the local veterinary hospital sign. You can check it out for yourself above. I would also suggest checking out the 'Here Kitty Kitty' music video below.

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