The City of Lawton and LETA (Lawton Enhancement Trust Authority) have just announced that they've scheduled, and will be hosting the Lawton's annual "Trash Off" on Saturday, May 8th (05-08-21) from 9:00am until 2:00pm in the McMahon Memorial Auditorium parking lot located at 801 N.W. Ferris Ave. During the event you'll be able to drop off various items and garbage that you can't place in your regular trash can for pick up. It's just in time for Spring cleaning. So set up a reminder, or mark your calendars so you don't miss it!

So what kind of trash and garbage can you drop off and dispose of during the annual "Trash Off" event? They'll be accepting used oil from cars and trucks, paint cans that have oil based and or latex paint, automotive batteries, rechargeable and alkaline batteries, antifreeze, automotive tires, appliances, fire extinguishers and more. They'll even take furniture if it can be reused or it's too damaged and torn up. So if you have items like these and have been stockpiling them in your garage or shed and what to dispose of them, you can finally get rid of them safely and responsibly during Lawton's annual "Trash Off."

I don't remember last year's "Trash Off." They may have held it, but with the COVID-19 pandemic I missed it, or maybe it was cancelled. Normally I gather up and hold trash you can't put in your regular trash can to drop off every year. So this year's load will be extra large since I missed the last one. The annual "Trash Off" is more than just dropping off trash and unwanted materials. There's the community clean up that day as well. Several local businesses, civic organizations, churches, schools and citizens will be out picking up trash all over Lawton, Fort Sill. If you're wanting more information about the "Trash Off" whether it's to drop stuff off, or help with the clean up around town, see the official press release from the City of Lawton below:  


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