Looking out the front door, it's hard to ignore the impressive wind-blown snow drifts along the fences, curbs, and houses. It's also hard to ignore the grass peeking up through the snow in the middle of the yard. So far, most across the area and the state have received two to four inches of actual snow. Some more, most less, but that's the nature of it. That grand total is far from the forecasted fifteen to twenty inches meteorologists declared a week ago. Honestly, if Walmart doesn't make Oklahoma meteorologists their "Associates of the Quarter," they're not giving credit where credit is due.

One weather source that rarely gets it wrong is the National Weather Service. That's not to say they're perfect, everybody misses once in a while trying to predict the future, but they tend to get it right. They're forecast this morning for the next few days is for an additional couple of inches. We currently sit in the 4-6" zone, but on the edge of the 6-8" area. That being said, we can probably count on another 2-6" of snow.

Maybe with this next round of snow, we'll actually get some of that glorious heavy wet and sticky stuff that makes for good sledding and winter weather fun. If you've never bought a junk car hood from the salvage yard and tied it to the hitch of a 4x4 as a six person sled, you're not living your best life. Then again, this powdery snow we've gotten so far isn't prime for outdoor fun at all. You can't make snowballs, forts, caves, snowmen, questionable statues of anatomy or anything out of it. It's just powder. Perhaps that will change as we warm closer to freezing with the next storm. I will say though, it was nice being about to clear the porch and front walk with a broom instead of a shovel.

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