It was about two months ago we shared the buzz of construction activity going on around 40th & Cache Road, something new was being built on a vacant corner lot.

TSM Lawton: Critter
TSM Lawton: Critter

If you've lived here for a few years now, you might remember that lot used to play host to one of the smaller Stripes gas stations and convenience stores. Nothing special, two pumps and an awning that swayed in the wind. In fact, I can't remember if it initially closed due to the awning falling down or if it was another unknown reason.

Nevertheless, the entire area where that Stripes stood was remediated, tanks removed, slab crushed and hauled away, it had lived for years as a barren piece of Oklahoma red dirt until some entrepreneur decided to build Lawton's newest business in its place.

As excavators and dozers dug big holes and moved tons of dirt on that corner lot across from Arby's, the general thought was it would be another gas station. After all, not many businesses have giant holes dug out below their slabs... It has to be for giant gas tanks right? But we were all wrong.

It wasn't until the slabs cured and the framing went up that it because clear what would be built on that tiny lot.

Long and narrow pits, big bay doors, it has to a quick lube oil change place...

If the name of the business or franchise has been made public yet or not is news to me. I would go through the official route of discovery, but honestly, I'd be surprised if you were still reading this at this point.

Hopefully, that satisfies your odd public voyeurism needs for the day...

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