Legend Driven is making a mark in Southwest Oklahoma by recognizing leaders who go over and above to make their towns a better place to live and grow.

Legend Driven has been taking nominations for this leadership award that shows leaders their appreciation for doing good in their neighborhoods and towns and awarding the winner  $1500.00 to do more good in the world.

Today, Legend Driven awarded their very first award to 9-year-old Aubrey Young from Elgin.  Here's what her mother wrote in her nomination form:

I'm nominating Aubrey Young because she is such an isnpiration at the young age of 9.  Through the pandemic, while her daddy was deployed for the 4th time, and she was being homeschooled, she learned to sew face masks to donate local hospitals to donate to local hospitals,  fostered 8 puppies and 10 kittens, learned how to bottle feed kittens in need, ran a bake sale/lemonade stand fundraiser for Cats in Harmony Rescue, as well as volunteers and donates her allowance consistently to our local animal rescues here in Elgin.  Aubrey is always thinking of fundraising opportunities for our local homeless animals and I know she would use this money to help our local animals in need.

Aubrey's Dad, Randy Young, just back from deployment for 2 short months read the nomination to the clueless Aubrey.  She said, "Nobody told me this was happening!" What a wonderful example to other youth in Elgin, and in Southwest Oklahoma as well.  Watch the award ceremony!

Aubrey said that her giving spirit was instilled in her at the even younger age of 4 by her mother, Melinda, who has taught her all about giving for no reason at all.

Congratulations Aubrey!  If you know someone deserving of this leadership award, Legend Driven wants to hear from you.  Nominate your leader at Legenddriven.com today!

Legend Leadership Awards

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