For the longest time I thought I was the luckiest person in Southwest Oklahoma. Things just tend to go my way a lot of the time. I hear stories of personal crimes happening to everyone around me, but I never experienced it first hand. The most common tale told has to be the notorious Lawton Hit & Run.

Show of hands... How many of you has experienced a hit and run accident with your vehicle?

If we were sitting around discussing it like rona never happened, I bet the number of hands in the air would shock you. I didn't happen to me until I'd lived here a full ten years, but alas, it happened.

I remember I was taking a break from work here at the downtown studios. I don't remember the project we were working on, but I remember we were expecting to work late into the night. We broke for dinner and we all went our separate ways to refuel ourselves. I, for whatever reason, ended up at the Taco Bell at Sheridan and Gore.

If you're familiar with that location, it's a nightmare to get through the cramped drive-thru at this place. As the dinner rush was on, I figured it'd be faster to go inside since it looked pretty empty at that particular moment. I was wrong.

After placing and paying for my order, I think a full twenty minutes or so went by before I was handed a sack of mostly correct items and made my way towards the door. I remember having taken about three steps towards my car before I saw it. Someone had backed into it, put a pretty good size dent in my rear fender, then drove away. No note, no heads up, no apology. I was so disappointed that someone could be so low.

I had a pretty good idea of which vehicle it was though... I was parked next to this black or really dark gray Ford F-150 Raptor. I figured, it's a nice truck, they probably won't door ding me. Now, I can't prove it was that Raptor truck because the incident didn't happen with enough velocity to trade paint, and I hate to sully the name of anyone willing to drive a pitiful Ford vehicle, so I just hopped in and drove back to work to eat whatever dollar menu sad burrito I thought looked good that day.

You have a similar story about someone committing a signature Lawton Hit & Run on you?

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