A man from Portland, Oregon who went on a tear in a toy store with a lightsaber has been sentenced. And it’s not to be slowly digested in the stomach pit of a Sarlacc for the next thousand years.

David Allen Canterbury will spend 45 days in jail and undergo a mental health evaluation for his strange assault against fellow customers at a toy store and responding police officers last December.

Canterbury got into a fight with several customers in a Toys R Us and started assaulting them with a toy lightsaber. Police responded to the scene, but Canterbury refused to sheath his mighty weapon. Police also tried to deploy a Taser to subdue the man, but he was somehow able to deflect the metal prong with the lightsaber.

In addition to his sentence, he has been banned from the toy store. Couldn’t they just put the lightsabers on a high shelf? Then again, he could get them down using the Force.

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