Since the tragic death of Linkin Park's Chester Bennington, fans have been finding support in one another to process the pain and come together in a showing of unity. That strength has affected Linkin Park themselves, as recently the group posted an emotional tribute video, showcasing what fans displayed across the globe.

The video gives a huge, real scope as to how much impact Chester had on so many people. In countries like Brazil and Belarus, fans came out in droves to remember the singer, releasing balloons in the air to remember their hero. There's a beautifully diverse range of tributes to Chester, from flowers to group covers of their music and more. It's extremely heartwarming, and ends with a thank you from the band for everyone's love and support.

We've seen a lot of tributes come out for the band in recent weeks. Jared Leto of Thirty Seconds To Mars recently paid tribute to Bennington at the MTV VMAs, while collaborator Jay-Z honored the Linkin Park singer by performing their joint track "Numb / Encore" in concert.

Linkin Park are planning a "special public event" for fans in the near future to honor Chester's memory. It'll take place in Los Angeles, where some of the biggest tributes for Chester have happened already from fan organization.

Watch the video tribute to Chester Bennnigton above.

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