The video for Rammstein's latest single "Dicke Titten," from their new album Zeit, was just released a couple of days ago. Now, the German band has another gift for us — a remix of the song performed by Bavarian brass band,  LaBrassBanda.

The intro of the original "Dicke Titten," which literally translates to "big boobs," features an upbeat melody played by a horn section before it explodes into the industrial mayhem we all know and love Rammstein for. However, this new rendition of the track has a horn section all throughout, in addition to Till Lindemann's vocals and some light percussion in the background. So it basically sounds like a G-rated version of the song... until you remember what the lyrics say.

Check it out below.

For all you collectors out there, you're in luck — both versions of "Dicke Titten" are now available on a 7" single, which you can order here.

Zeit was released on April 29 and peaked at No. 15 on the Billboard 200. However, it landed at the top of the chart in their home country of Germany, as well as France, Denmark, Norway, Scotland and a few other European nations.

Their North American tour, which has been postponed several times since the onset of the COVID pandemic in 2020, will finally kick off this August in Montreal, Canada. See the full tour schedule here.

Rammstein + LaBrassBanda - 'Dicke Titten' 

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