Last week, Trent Reznor announced the newest release in Nine Inch Nails' trilogy of EPs during an appearance on Apple's Beats One radio program. Today, Add Violence has been released, and you can hear it on a variety of platforms.

There's a lot to sink into on the new release. The most noticeable thing in this release is the project honing in on more electronic elements the band has been known for. It's especially reminiscent of Reznor and Atticus Ross' soundtrack contributions to films like The Social Network and Gone Girl. Songs like "The Lovers" feature an expanding atmosphere that adds more rhythm and variation to their work. Reznor's voice soars over the thick electronics.

From there, listeners sink further into the soundscapes Reznor and Atticus have created. "This Isn't the Place" pulls off being menacing and serene at the same time, a fast undercurrent streaming through the different sounds. What sounds like Reznor's voice becomes another texture unto the song, before coming in with a soulful part midway through everything. The album ends with "The Background World," an 11-minute trip into a landscape of sounds and moods. It continually builds over time, Reznor taunting in the background, "Is this what you want?" while the tension becomes thicker. Everything comes crashing to a noisy, distorted mess, with electronics crumbling at its finale.

Add Violence is just in time for a string of festival dates for Nine Inch Nails. This week, the group played their first show in three years in Bakersfield, Calif.'s Rabobank Arena. In addition to new songs from the Add Violence EP, NIN worked in a stunning cover of David Bowie's "I Can't Give Everything Away."

Hear Add Violence below on Spotify and YouTube.

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