Selfies, the "do-it-yourself" photograph is now becoming a form of art and the Moving Image Contemporary Art Fair in London, will be one of the first Art Exhibits that will feature the digital photo sensation.

The showcase titled "National #Selfie Portrait Gallery," will exhibit 19 emerging artists by curators Kyle Chayka and Marina Galperina. The gallery will be in a short video where fellow artists and art enthusiasts will view the upcoming art form.

The duo started making headlines in the New York edition of the Moving Image Contemporary Fair when they featured their video project 'Shortest Video Art Ever $old."

Selfies are mostly uploaded to social media sites or photo sites such as Instagram and Imgur. Most of the self portrait photos are seen taken in public transportation, personal vehicle or in a bathroom.

Galperina told Time:

Most selfies are boring and unmoving because most people are boring and unmoving.  People who are good writers send well-written texts, right? I feel like the selfie is like that — a very common medium of communication or catharsis — and a visual artist, especially one that spends so much time working digitally and living online, is just better at communicating something more than themselves with it.

The duo stated they chose to go with this art form because of "current social trends and intimacy towards the internet."

"People are worshiped and bullied, loved and attacked — all based on a series of short, tight performances. It’s unnerving. I love it," Galperina said.

The video gallery will be on display during the art fair from Oct 17 to Oct 20 in London.

Below is a trailer of the 'National #Selfie Portrait Gallery'

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