We had the pleasure of inviting Pantera bassist Rex Brown onto the Loudwire Podcast when he and longtime photographer Joe Giron were promoting the magnificent new photo book A Vulgar Display of Pantera.

The book is positively packed with images from Pantera's history, extending all the way back to the early '80s when the band was playing the bar circuit, decked out in infamous glam attire. With no text to accompany these photos, we knew we had to get the stories behind some of our favorite shots in the book straight from the source!

One of the most striking images is a double-page picture showing fans holding up custom license plates reading "PNTERA 1" and "FRBYND 1." Brown and Giron discussed the image, revealing that the brothers in the shot actually got in contact with the Pantera camp regarding the image. Seeing this kind of dedication to a band, we asked Brown what the weirdest thing a fan has ever brought him and the answer couldn't be more surprising.

We discussed more images and the tales behind Vinnie Paul lying on the floor in an airport and one that characterizes Rex's personality within the band. Though the shot was candid, it shows the band sitting on a bench with Dimebag Darrell, Vinnie Paul and Philip Anselmo sitting close together as Rex is positioned at the end, noticeably further apart than everyone else, which the bassist went on to detail.

For the Rocker vs. Writer segment of this episode, we debated the best metal bassist of all time. Rex is universally respected by his peers as well as producers for his unbelievable talents, so it was time to find out who he idolizes most as well as Giron's pick.

Towards the end of this episode, we asked Rex what was going on regarding his first-ever solo record and he offered us an advance listen with an exclusive clip of the new track "Crossing Lines," which you'll hear at the end of this podcast.

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