State Superintendent of Public Schools Joy Hofmeister announced recently that 11th graders in Oklahoma Public schools may now take the ACT or SAT college-entrance exams for free. By permitting schools to administer the tests for free not only eliminates a student's cost and transportation barriers, enabling students who would not otherwise be able to take the exams to have access necessary to the test that are important to searching for a college.

College and universities require students to submit an ACT or SAT score prior to acceptance. Students who have taken the ACT or SAT, will also qualify to concurrently enroll, allowing them to obtain college credits at reduced cost while still in high school.

The ACT/SAT program is financed by funds allocated by the state Department of Education; the department estimates $2.4 million a year will be saved each year by distributing ACT or Sat tests instead of the former end of instruction exams.

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