Welcome to Loudwire Podcast #17 with Bad Religion legend Greg Graffin! In this podcast, we speak with Graffin about his new solo album, Millport, along with politics, science and punk rock. We also included two of Graffin's new songs, "Making Time" and "Too Many Virtues," into the podcast, so sit back and enjoy!

Before we got into speaking with Greg, podcast co-host Graham Hartmann shared a funny story about Loudwire x CLRVYNT’s recent showcase in Austin, Texas. Headlining one of our stacked lineups, Giraffe Tongue Orchestra performed their first U.S. gig at our showcase. After initially being too nervous to say hi to GTO / Mastodon guitarist Brent Hinds, Graham finally introduced himself, leading to a bizarre interaction with the enigmatic guitarist.

Launching into the podcast interview, we spoke about science with Greg Graffin, who holds a PhD in Zoology from the esteemed Cornell University. Graffin told hosts Graham and Joe about the inspiration he finds from the natural world and shared some wisdom about wildlife conservation and the importance of education on the subject.

Graffin also shared his frustrations with today’s social and political climate, most notably America’s current trend of embracing a society where facts are willfully jettisoned. As a college professor, Graffin believes facts will eventually rule the day regardless of subject, but we’ve got to find better ways to convey facts in a manner which is digestible and repeatable.

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