While there have been incidents with sinkholes swallowing a car or even a house, the unfortunate town of Bayou Corne in Louisiana is vanishing.

A number of residents were displaced last year when a large salt cave collapsed due to what many are attributing to extensive drilling and mining in the area. The 24-acre sinkhole in the middle of Bayou Corne that has caused the evacuation of more than 350 residents. Since the sinkhole was in a swamp to begin with, it has led to continual collapse of the ground displacing more residents as the entire town gradually disappears into the sinkhole.

It is not a question of whether the town will continue to be swallowed by the sinkhole or if the sinkhole will pose other problems. Many residents are questioning what is going to happen to all of the released natural gas and crude oil that is now coming to the surface, as well.

Even as recent as a few hours ago residents have been experiencing more tremors that will inevitably lead to the loss of more ground to the sinkhole.

Bayou Corne Sinkhole/Facebook

Environmental geologists are detecting an increase in building gas pressure under Bayou Corne as the fresh water enters the sinkhole forcing out the methane and natural gas. The fear is that the mining company, Texas Brine, and other engineers on site will not be able to relieve the pressure fast enough.


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