I'll be honest with you, there are aspects of this that are awesome... but crime is crime by any other name, so lets just see if anyone recognizes this accused thief. I say "accused" because until they catch a guilty judgement, they're innocent right? It's weird we live in this period of time where people are thought of as guilty until they prove their innocence. Like it's backwards straight off the bat. Don't get me wrong, I judge people too... just look at that tactile identity concealment... but we all have rights.

Back on topic, the story goes like this... The person depicted below is a suspect in a grand larceny case our boys in blue has put together. Apparently he walked through Walmart, loading up his basket (and there's an inference that he was concealing goods in his clothing) with all sorts of goods. When discovered, the Lawton Police Department was called, arrived, and prepped to make contact with this individual. It was at that point that the suspect started running to evade police. He left his basket behind, full of now-recovered merchandise valued near $1400, and fled the scene on, and this is the awesome part, a go-cart.

Putting two-and-two together, this suspect is now additionally wanted in conjunction with the theft of a go-cart from Atwood's earlier. You can't make this up. Honestly, the story parallels a sweet 90's video game... where you fight the final boss on a level, but he keeps escaping before his defeat, only to be found at the end of the next level and so on... The real question is, how long are we going to be both entertained and disgusted by this person? More importantly... Can we call him the "Mario Kart Bandit" until they publicly identify him? These are the real questions...

I hate to see anyone sully Oklahoma State University with their less-savory antics, so the quicker LPD find this person, the better. Trade that OSU orange in for one of those University of Texas orange jumpers. If you even think you recognize this person, you can anonymously pass that information off at LawtonCrimeStoppers.com


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