For the Lawton Police Department has seen a recent increase in people walking around town with their eyes fixed on their smartphones while hunting mystical creatures from the Nintendo universe. While inattentiveness and over attention to electronic devices seem the norm these days, LPD considers it a troublesome situation.

While a sharp focus while playing the Pokemon Go app can lead to the discovery of a hidden Pikachu, Wartortle or even a Jigglypuff, it can also lead to things you are not in search of, such as accidents and injuries. Lawton police are keeping track of the new trend, and say that the new app could lead to some old complications that come with being inattentive to your actual surroundings while focused on the hunt.

The Pokémon Go app uses a form of augmented reality that places the game characters and items in actual locations throughout the community. The trend has taken off and players have already found ways to drop a Lure module into real world locations to place characters in locales to attract high numbers of Pokemon.

LPD recognizes that foot traffic has grown in high-traffic areas downtown at a few "meeting spots" across the street from the police station, 10 SW 4th, and close by near the library and LATS hub at Southwest 4th Street and B Avenue. Patrol officers also have had to clear several individuals out of places like Elmer Thomas Park who were playing the game.

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