I'm sure this isn't what the bride had in mind when her bridesmaids asked if they could wear something less formal to the wedding! The maid of honor showed up in an inflatable T-Rex costume! Now this is a wedding I'd actually like to attend! I mean how often do you see a T-Rex walk the aisle?

As it turns out the bride and maid of honor are sisters. I can't believe it, but the bride was totally cool with it. When asked about the T-Rex costume the maid of honor said she doesn't like formal dresses and always wanted a T-Rex costume and thought this would be the perfect time to get it. And it only cost $50.00!

Most weddings are way to formal, uncomfortable and uppity, but not this one! I wish I could have gotten away with this when I got married but I'm sure the wife would have killed me if I showed up in anything but a tuxedo.

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