Perhaps because he missed the food, or maybe he just missed getting his back hair gnawed at on a regular basis? Whatever the reason, an ex-inmate of New York’s Riker’s Island prison was recently charged with breaking back into jail by impersonating a guard.

Thirty-six-year-old Matthew Matagrano apparently didn’t care for his new life on the outside; so much so that he actually devised a rather sophisticated plan -- involving a badge and a phony ID card -- to bust his way back in to the same prison system that had released him.

Officials say that Matagrano managed to keep himself on the down-low inside the prison for over a week, before some of the guards discovered that he was transferring prisoners to other cells – for hang outs or...conjugal visits?

While prison officials say they are not exactly sure why Matagrano wanted to come back to prison, his rap sheet -- which includes a conviction for sodomy -- gives us a pretty clear indication as to his motives for wanting to gain re(ar)-entry.

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