This guy is gonna have a Shell of a time clearing his name.

Police in Oklahoma City arrested Anthony Bartlett, 30, after they got wind he was inhaling gasoline in the lobby of a Marriott hotel last week.

Red Roof Inn, Motel 6 -- maybe you can get away with this kind of behavior there. But a swanky Marriott? No way.

The tipster who informed police of Bartlett's drink of choice also said he was using a computer in the lobby to look up information about national security.

Hmm, gasoline and national security. Yeah, it's good cops got to this clown when they did.

Officers showed up to find Bartlett with a bottle of Gatorade filled with a substance that looked like gasoline, which it did indeed turn out to be. They also said Bartlett reeked of gas. He tried to explain that he was simply carrying his medication, which a doctor recommended he inhale. We'd love to meet the M.D. who gave the green light on taking a swig of Chevron like it's NyQuil.

It's unclear why Bartlett was researching national security and maybe it's better we don't know.

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