Well, that didn't take long. It's been about 2 weeks since the gas prices started soaring and in no time flat, there are already reports of people stealing gas in Lawton, Fort Sill. Yesterday my neighbor came over and told me his truck was emptied overnight, someone had siphoned the gas out of it. He was on his way to work and noticed his tank was almost empty after he filled it completely up the night before. Damn the luck!

You can bet he'll be getting a locking gas cap in the near future or parking his truck in the garage or driveway where it's well lit. Most newer cars have locking gas caps but if like myself you have an older vehicle you might want to invest in a locking cap ASAP. Now it won't stop a determined thief, but it could slow them down or make them move on to easier pickings. It's certainly better than nothing at all. With the prices what they are the last thing you want is to see an empty fuel gauge after you filled up. It's like Mad Max out there!

If you're able to park in the garage that would be the best and safest place to keep your vehicle and gas to keep it away from would-be thieves. If you can't, or don't have a garage, make sure you park in the driveway and have some kind of outside light that keeps everything well lit and uninviting to thieves. My neighbor parks, or used to anyway, in the street where there's no light and zero chance of really seeing anything or anyone. Which made his truck the perfect target for gas thieves. Alarms and cameras are also a great idea!

At this point we're basically paying to go to work. Between the car payment, insurance and gas. It's incrediablly expensive just to get to the job so we can earn the cash to pay for the car, insurance and gas. Sadly it doesn't look like the high prices are slowing down any. I saw that it was $4.09 on the Eastside this morning on my way into work. There's no telling just how high it's going to get before it finally levels back off again. In the meantime we'll all be living in a Mad Max Road Warroir hellscape of limited fuel and scavenging. I guess it won't be too bad so long as all the guns and vehicles are cool like in the movies! *Fingers crossed*

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