The new iPhone 6 comes with a lot of features, sure, but is keeping the flame of love burning one of them?

Meet Darius, a Polish-born man in Britain who waited 44 hours in line for the new phone in an attempt to win back his wife of 20 years (pretty amazing -- but at least he didn't drop it when he got it).

Darius sounds like a heartbroken man and readily admits he wasn't the ideal husband or father. He doesn't elaborate on why his wife left him last month.

Darius did say, though, buying his wife an iPhone a few years ago made her very happy and he's got his fingers crossed that getting her the new, polished-up model will do the trick again.

He also hopes the gesture will go far in restoring his wife's faith in him. He said, "I want to say, maybe one day you'll realize...I could be good again. I don't know, maybe you'll trust me again. Sorry."

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