WARNING: This video may, or may not have you wondering if someone's cutting onions nearby. I can't speak Spanish, but you really don't have to speak the language to understand and appreciate what's going on in this video. A man who was stuck in quarantine is finally able to reunite with his pet donkey who he hasn't seen in awhile. The reunion is captured on video and neither of them can hold back their tears or happiness.

Man this one will hit you in the feels, hard. It's great to see videos like this and see that people are getting back to their lives and reuniting with those that matter most to them. Family, friends and of course pets. If you haven't seen the video of the nurse who was in quarantine at her job at a nursing home and Face Times her dog you can  watch it here. This entire COVID-19 pandemic has been rough on everyone including pets. Speaking for myself I can miss my two dogs as much, if not more than my family members. Well some of my family members anyway. If you're reading this and we're related I'm not talking about you...Or am I?

Being separated from the ones we love including pets has been one of the most difficult challenges of COVID-19. If you're lucky enough to be at the house with those you love you're blessed, even if they get on your nerves. One things for sure, after all this most of us won't take for granted our family and friends. Well at least for a little while anyway...

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