What makes this video so funny is there's actually people I've heard talking and complaining about their current quarantine situation like this. Jon Foor has created internet gold on his YouTube channel with his latest creation.

It features two guys that are the absolute worst people to have ever self-quarantined in the short history of the COVID-19 virus. All the complaining, whining and ungratefulness for just how lucky they really are. Sure it gets old, really old staying around the house and trying to social-distance everywhere you go, that's if you're going anywhere. There's plenty of others who have it much worse and would trade places in a minute with those who consider sitting on the couch while still getting a paycheck watching Netflix to being in prison.

To say the last couple of months have been challenging would be putting it lightly. This virus has wreaked maximum havoc on just about every single aspect of our lives. For God's sake I hope this isn't the new normal everyone's talking about. I sure do miss the old normal with all it's freedoms, open businesses and stocked shelves. Not to mention concerts, festivals, cook outs and just hanging out with friends and family.

We all deal with things differently. Some are taking this well, others not so much. That's to be expected. What's weird is I'll talk to a person who's totally losing it and they explain their situation and it's basically "I'm bored." Then I'll talk with someone who keeps things positive. When asked they say "I'm gonna make it" and their situation is unemployment, no food, bills, threats of repossession and foreclosure with a total uncertainty of the future. I'm reminded daily just how fortunate I am and lucky to have the current situation i have. Here's to better days!

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