As the endlessly similar days roll on, I'm starting to feel like I'm living my own personal Groundhogs Day. So much so that time is losing relativity and I'm experiencing a weird quarantine non-24 type thing. It can be 4AM, and I'll have no idea. Even after a full night of sleep, I'll find myself fighting the urge to close my eyes at 5pm. It's really strange what isolation does to a person. No wonder every Kyle, Chad, and Karen was protesting to end the stay-at-home order. As an essential worker, I missed all that with a free-travel pass and didn't understand why people couldn't just chill at home. Now I understand. It's like being in prison on Planet Bull***t.

All the same, it allows for some pretty deep web activity. I discovered something I haven't seen in a long time last night. Randomly, YouTube started giving up pure gold in the form of classic VH1 staples like Behind the Music. AKA - The greatest music documentary series to have ever been broadcast to the masses. It was such a good show that people would even watch the story of a band/artist they hated regardless of their taste in music. It was a true amalgamation of historical documentaries force fed with pop culture in a dish nobody could resist eating. It was perfect.

Of course, these days, if you were really curious, I'm sure the information and stories are out on the web. Tucked away deep inside of YouTube or displayed plainly on Wikipedia, there is no shortage of information. There is, however, a shortage of 'sharability' of this information. If you've ever visited a wikipedia page, you already know, while it is information, it's not how they used to call "page turning." It's just not entertaining enough for the masses to read about these artists, especially since Behind the Music gives it to you straight from the artists themselves.

Music is storytelling, Behind The Music was the backstory of these storytellers. Plus, documentaries are awesome. Not in the dry style of PBS, which I do secretly love to watch, but with the emotional roller coaster you can get from ESPN's 30 for 30 series. I don't even like sports, but they're so good at telling the story, you can't help but watch. While I don't watch any of the cable news outlets, I'll concede that CNN also has some of the best cultural documentaries of the last decade, but still, they pale in comparison to the VH1 original.

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