As I enter day seven of my mandatory two week quarantine at home, I'm running out of things to do. The lawn looks good, though it could look better. I need to fertilize, but I can't go out and buy fertilizer. I could have it delivered I suppose, but the last time I did that, the box was crushed, the bag had burst and half the fert had fallen out by the time it got to me. It was not a pleasant experience at all.

I suppose I could call on a friend to deliver me a bag of fertilizer, but I honestly think that would be selfish and narcissistic of me. If I'm in quarantine, the last thing I want to do is potentially expose a buddy to the rona, and I'm fairly sure I couldn't talk an enemy into doing me a solid.

A recent study showed that online shopping is the current coping method across the country when it came to lock down. I'm in that boat myself. I ended up ordering some auxiliary backup flood lights for my truck. Do I need them? No... but it's a cheap project and something to do. Based on how cheap they were, I'm really hedging bets on quality as I'll have to cut holes in my bumper to install them. Still, desperate times call for desperate entertainment.

I am in the process of building a new receptionist desk for the studios. I've always been a creative guy and I like to make stuff, though I'm positive I bit off way more than I can chew when I agreed to take on this task. You see, I'm from the school of thought that when your boss asks you to do something, you do it so long as it doesn't affect your character or ethics. Building a desk does neither, so even though I wanted to say no, I said yes.

Perhaps we'll talk more about that tomorrow. I think I'll work on it a little while I wait on my new truck parts to get here.

I did hear from my newest neighbor yesterday. He was also around the friend that exposed us both to a confirmed case of coronavirus. He said that he is also feeling fine if not a little paranoid. I think my natural germaphobic ways allowed me to skate right past this.

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