Rolling into my tenth day of in-home quarantine, it's no surprise that this day started off like any other. Alarm rings, I snooze, finally come around, get up and start working. It's the same start to the day as the previous nine. It took me a while to realize it's a Friday, which even I can look forward to since I don't have to be tethered to an alarm tomorrow morning.

While it started off like any other day, I did get some good news. The neighbor that exposed me to the virus got his first negative rona test results today. It's something to celebrate even though he still has to get another negative test result to confirm he's beat this thing. We're all pulling for him.

Before I forget, as much as I enjoy the Back to the Future trilogy, upon rewatching it these last few days, I realized a major plot hole... In Part III, when Marty goes back to get Doc in 1885, the Delorean catches major damage. In their attempt to repair it, it suffers catastrophic damage to a few of the parts, thus they have to use the train to get it up to 88mph to get them both home. Herein lies the plot hole... There's a second time machine in 1885 they could have pulled parts from, or just swapped machines altogether.

Mind blown.

That got me thinking about part one and part two. If we learned in part two that any change to the past creates an alternate timeline for future events, the moment Doc Brown put on the bulletproof vest at the end of part one, he created a new future. In all logic, if he hadn't put Marty's letter back together to read it and hadn't survived his retribution for ripping off terrorists, perhaps Marty's kid wouldn't have been in trouble needing them to all jump to 2015 in the first place.

Then it dawned on me... You know how Marty returns to 1985 in the first part to find his life infinitely better than it was before? That was the first alternate timeline that they all accepted as just a bizarre improvement they could live with... kind of. You see, Doc Brown drops Marty off at his house and then instantly leaves to the visit the future. Doc has no idea Marty has created an alternate future for himself, even if by accident.

Instead of going to 2015 in part two, which leads back to 1955, and eventually 1885, had they just gone back to 1955 to keep Marty from saving his dad from getting hit by the car, they wouldn't have had a part three.

If you're thinking "Well they could have done that at any point in time." I had that same thought, but it doesn't mesh... You see, Doc wouldn't have worn the bulletproof vest until after Marty skewed the future, so perhaps the only way to actually correct the original time traveling sin, Doc Brown would have had to give his life as he would most likely disappear from existence upon fixing the first alternate time line.

As you can guess, it's been a long ten days.

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