After staying up far too late waiting on to see if the weather was ever going to get heavy, I managed to fall asleep in my chair last night. While it doesn't seem like an important detail of my life, the fact I'm sharing absolutely anything personal with you is. I'm a private guy. Always have been. I don't even think my best friend on this planet knows I can shred a guitar, and it most likely won't ever come up. The long and short of it being, I don't really like to share about myself. That being said, let me share with you.

I've been exposed to the 'rona, so I'm doing the responsible thing by staying at home. Alone. Away from everyone in hopes to do my part negating this virus from spreading. I spent most of yesterday wondering if I actually managed to catch it because I honestly didn't feel good at all. Tightness and aches in my upper chest and back, generally feeling fatigued, etc... But after seeing the Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization are no longer cautious about using ibuprofen for little pains, I took a military standard dose and felt better. Still, if you've been reading my randomness online, my imagination persists.

I'm not a pessimist at heart. I don't always assume the worst case scenario, but yesterday I honestly thought maybe I caught this thing, still no fever. It's maddening. I keep taking my temperature, not feeling well, and I'm running cool if anything. Constantly pulling a reading between 97.3 and 98.1... Is my thermometer wrong? Is it just cheap and not registering an accurate temperature? I even sacrificed my good steak thermometer to get a good ready. I turned it on, stuck it between my manhood and my thigh, in that little pit of heat all men have, and I scored a 98.2. Things have definitely gotten weird.

Why do I feel so bad?

As I scrolled through my facebook feed, I saw that a lot of people generally felt like crap yesterday. Everybody blaming it on the weather, so I just chocked it up to that. I remembered to layer on an extra blanket last night, set my alarm for an hour later, and woke up feeling better. Perhaps I'm just a victim of sleeping too cold the night prior and my wild imagination.

I've called around, I can't get tested without a fever. This is wild considering the person who exposed me to this also had no symptoms such as cough or fever... which is surprising, I've never known the medical field to turn away easy subsidized money.

Here I sit, day three, halfway chuckling that my steak thermometer will now have to be called a meat thermometer, still wondering if the worst is yet to come.

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