Get ready for a collective "Awwww." Guitar great Marty Friedman has teamed up with Loudwire to exclusively debut his new video for "Miracle" off his Wall of Sound album and it's certain to make some viewers misty-eyed and anxious to call family members.

The clip starts simple enough with Friedman emerging and taking a seat on a stool while a photo frame hangs next to him. But as the music grows, the photo frame (and eventually more frames) play host to home movies of Friedman as a kid. Viewers get a chance to see the guitarist all the way from infancy up to a final shot likely in his teens in his bedroom practicing his guitar.

"Once you've grown up in this complicated world, it`s easy to forget the simpler times that were so important in making you who you are now, as well as the people in your family who put up with all of the loud music, smoke and noise coming from your bedroom, and all the other BS that you put them through," says Friedman. "With this video, rather than looking at how much of a goofy kid I was, I hope that it inspires you to think about your own family or whoever was closest to you when you were just starting out in the world."

The track itself is an uplifting piece of music that gives the guitarist a chance to show off some of the dexterity that has made him one of the greats at his craft. As stated, "Miracle" is featured on Friedman's thirteenth solo album, Wall of Sound.

Speaking earlier this year about the disc with Full Metal Jackie, Friedman stated, "It's definitely showing the experiences that have piled up over my career and my personal life and all that. Mainly the evolution of my music. It's reaching a point where I'm really excited about it. Often times, I'll record an album or release and tour it and it'll still be good for me for about a year but then I'll start to figure out I could have done this or that better. Since Inferno, I thought I was never going to top that. I was so happy with that record. But lo and behold, I came out with Wall of Sound. At least in my opinion, I topped it from my own purposes and I just love it."

As stated, Wall of Sound is available now through Prosthetic Records. You can pick it up at this location in the format of your choosing.

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