You may have noticed Mastodon guitarist/vocalist Brent Hinds was absent from the 2018 Grammy Awards. Thanks to a new Instagram post from the musician, we now know Hinds was hospitalized after being involved in a hit-and-run on his motorcycle.

After being nominated three times and losing out on the golden gramophone, Mastodon finally claimed victory this year, winning Best Metal Performance for “Sultan’s Curse.” Many fans assumed Hinds had been kicked out of the ceremony like in 2015, or that he was outright banned from attending, but Troy Sanders dismissed those claims in a Loudwire interview, saying Brent simply chose to stay at home.

Turns out Hinds’ accident was fairly rough, with Brent sustaining some gnarly road rash to his face. He was also given a neck brace, though it’s unclear if he sustained any serious injuries. Hinds posted on Instagram:

To all the people that think that this is recent ..or funny? please stop the stupid fucking comments ..I put the post up to pimp my “friends”movie..Go see this movie..!!! And go fuck your self’s ..🖕🏿if you think this is funny in any way ..I was lucky enough to live through playing a Lil bit a guitar on the sound track on January 23, 2018 and that’s why I couldn’t attend the Grammy’s where we actually on a Grammy ..!(because I was involved in a hit and run on my motorcycle that ended me up in 🐎 pistola)..that i got absolutely NO shout out from my best friends/band mates💔 ..I know they love me and just be havin stupid nervousness,but still ! Here is a few photos of the results 😂 it’s opnening at @plazaatlanta tonight ! Made by Ben Weinstein ..don’t no his IG handle @hellbound_the_movie

Hinds seems annoyed that he wasn’t given a shout out during Mastodon’s acceptance speech, though the band chose to keep quiet about Hinds’ accident.

Mastodon recently canceled a headlining tour due to a “critical situation” of a family member. The band experienced a personal tragedy just one week later, as manager Nick John passed away after a battle with cancer.

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