Mike Shinoda is continuing the rollout for his Post-Traumatic, unleashing the new video for "Running From My Shadow" that can be seen in the player above.

The latest track falls more on the rap side of Shinoda's musical stylings, with the Linkin Park musician getting a little help from up-and-coming star Grandson on the track. "I'm running from my shadow / Running from my shadow but it’s still there chasing me down / I’ll never win the battle / Never win the battle and I should have known it by now," offers Shinoda in the chorus.

The clip was directed by Gus Black and like many of Shinoda's Post-Traumatic video offerings so far, it's a first-person following of the musician. This time Shinoda is primarily shot in an abandoned garage or a wooded area at night, with Grandson eventually joining him in the shoot.

Shinoda appeared on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 program to debut the song and spoke about the experience of delving into music and art after the death of Chester Bennington last year. "At first I was even anxious to get in the studio and then I realized if I didn't get in soon ... the pressure to make something didn't have to be high, I just needed to get in there and do something," said Shinoda. "At a certain point, I knew that I wanted to put something out, that it would be helpful and therapeutic for me to put something out and it would be therapeutic for some of the fans to put something out and there were a lot of questions of how am I doing? They didn't know. Everybody's online asking me things and I'm not really responding, so I just put it into the songs."

Shinoda's Post-Traumatic album arrives June 15.

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