There's some great news to report on Ministry mastermind Al Jourgensen's journey in sobriety. Last night (May 15), Jourgensen celebrated his 100th day away from alcohol.

Throughout his time in Ministry, Al Jourgensen experimented with and was addicted to pretty much every mind-altering substance discovered by mankind. Jourgensen has been able to kick his drug habit, but alcohol remained a vice for the frontman up until this year's Super Bowl. The day after the Seattle Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos, Jourgensen entered rehab with a .33 blood alcohol level.

According to Jourgensen, his recovery is going well. The industrial pioneer has been keeping fans in the loop via Facebook:

Leading up his 100th day sober, Al Jourgensen has kept at his Facebook page, posting hilarious and informative quips from Uncle Al's brain:

Congrats to our friend Al Jourgensen! We hope to post further developments on Jourgensen's continued sobriety in the hear future.

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