You may have heard that Ministry mastermind Al Jourgensen has become a superhero. Yep, the extensively pierced, tattooed and infamous industrial musician will play the part of Alien F. Jourgensen in an upcoming comic book series, and we've got some exclusive sketches of Jourgensen to share with you right now!

'Ministry: The Devil's Chord - The Chronicles of Alien F. Jourgensen' will manifest in a 13-issue series, with each comic representing one of Ministry's 13 studio albums. Jourgensen will possess a number of superpowers within the series, in which Jourgensen's character develops while following his musical passions.

The series of graphic novels will be a collaborative effort between Jourgensen, his wife Angie and Sam Shearon, who specializes in dark and sometimes controversial art. We recently spoke with Shearon about the exclusive black and white preliminary sketches of Jourgensen for the comic series. "Those were done while I was staying with them at the house, while I sat with them sketching away, listening to his stories and taking notes to really map out where the story was going to go and where this 13-issue epic was going to be about," says Shearon. "I did 10 or 15 in one night to really get a feel for Al and what he looks like, to simplify him in some ways and to really capture all of his little details: his piercing, his tattoos, his dreadlocks, his fangs, his variety of sunglasses, his hats, his jewelry. There's so much going on with that guy to look at, to begin with. I did so many drawings to really tie down the essence of what he is as a character. He's unlike anyone out there."

We also spoke with the man himself, Al Jourgensen, about the comic. "I was there to make sure I had the right superpowers," Jourgensen laughs. "One of my superpowers in the comic is I can bring my friends back from the dead in the evil final battle against the cyborg raccoons that were sent by the C.I.A. to spy on my compound and my lifestyle. I resurrect Mikey [Scaccia] and William Burroughs and Timothy Leary and we all battle the cyborg C.I.A. raccoons. It's an epic battle!"

Check out these exclusive pieces of artwork from 'Ministry: The Devil's Chord - The Chronicles of Alien F. Jourgensen' and stay tuned for our full interviews with Sam Shearon and Al Jourgensen. To check out more of Sam Shearon's artwork, visit his official website.

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