We may not be getting that Rammstein stage Lego set, but there are some ingenious fans out there when it comes to paying respects to their favorite bands through toys. Modeler Simon Smith has taken his Metallica fandom to the next level, revealing a new Transformer based off the G1 Optimus Prime and paid homage to the group's Cliff Burton era.

In a Facebook posting seen below, Smith showcased his new creation, revealing that the idea came from a request from a collector he'd received over the past year. "I wanted to base this off of the album cover and pay respects to Cliff Burton at the same time so we have a blend of the two ideas," says Smith.

Modeling Transformers appears to be a passion of Smith's as his Facebook page is filled with a variety of model mashups, applying a theme from another franchise and bringing it to the Transformers universe.

"The box layout is pretty epic. There is no doubt who this piece is based on and the top flap with the three crosses really drives home the feel from the album," he adds. "Making this piece I listened to Master of Puppets over and over again and it really got to me that we had lost such a passionate musician like Cliff Burton. Cliff was one of the major forces that propelled Metallica's music in the early years to another level. He was the original headbanger who would wipe the crowd in to a frenzy during concerts. Many consider him to be one of the greatest bass player of all time."

He concludes, "It was an honor to create this piece and make that connection for someone who apparently thinks Prime would have made a great touring semi."

Take a closer look at the Metallica Transformer creation below. The piece is currently up for bid on eBay and at press time had a $610 high bid offer.

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