Earlier this week on Tuesday (05-04-21) Governor Kevin Stitt issued an executive order ending Oklahoma's "State of Emergency" for the COVID-19 pandemic. The state's number of COVID-19 new cases is down 94% from it's peak. The number of new cases per capita are among the lowest in the country and hospitalizations are down 90% and have been stable for over two months. This has allowed the state to officially end the "State of Emergency." The next day (05-05-21) the City of Lawton addressed this and detailed what it would mean for Lawton, Fort Sill as far as COVID-19 policies and regulations for citizens and businesses.

The updates to the city's COVID-19 saftey and health measures and or policies center around city owned properties and employees for the most part.The City of Lawton has amended their official face mask/covering mandate to "recommended" instead of "mandatory" when it comes to being indoors while visiting or conducting business at any city property or facility. They have stated that they can change this if need be due to increased traffic/crowds if social distancing isn't possible or easily accomplished.

Vaccinated city employees are not required to wear masks if they can provide proof of vaccination. Otherwise they'll have to continue to wear a face mask while at work. The "recommended" face mask policy is for non-employees only. The city also addressed increasing the capacity limits at various facilities and recreation centers in town on a case by case basis. They've asked that masks be worn outdoors at events where social distancing can't be maintained which includes parks, community events and sporting events. See the official press release from the City of Lawton below:


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