To say this couple’s marriage got off to a rough start would be putting it mildly.

In a video that’s making the rounds online, you hear the groom’s mother interrupt her son’s wedding because she was none too pleased with the bride’s vows.

Apparently, the bride had the audacity to say her soon to be husband had flaws, like, you know, everyone else in the world. So, the soon to be mother-in-law blurted out, "You're not going to say my son has flaws."

The bride responded by telling her to leave...and then it was on. The groom’s mother then told her that she didn’t have to leave because she paid for the wedding dress.

Of course, a shouting match ensued. Things got so bad that at one point, a woman had to get between the two of them to keep them from coming to blows.

The groom just stood there in what I’m guessing is stunned silence, because he had nothing to offer. However, the look on his face suggests either A) his mom had already made it clear that she wasn’t too thrilled with his choice for a bride or B) it wasn’t the first time she embarrassed the hell out of him in public.

Regardless, the future ain’t looking so bright for the love birds. Hopefully, the honeymoon was a much better experience.

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