An angry California mom sucker punched a skateboarder because he accidentally ran into her child. Was the mom justified in her actions?

The video is only 36 seconds long and cutoffs before the conclusion of the altercation.

Professional Skateboarder Leland Goldberg was shooting a video for Warm Gravy, a video mix devoted to skateboarders and their fast-paced tricks. Leland was looking down trying to complete a trick when a small child darts right in front of Leland and the two collide sending the boy straight to the ground and Leland to the side. A nearby guardian scoops the child up and asked if Leland saw the child and he replied no. Seconds later the mother of child storms up to Leland and shoves Leland and sucker punches him with a right hook. That is when the video cuts off.

The majority of the reactions have been in favor of Leland saying that he was not breaking the law for skateboarding because he was in a designated area for skaters.